Having Holes Of Following Patterns Round Holes, Square holes and Slot holes. Indented Screens used for Length Grading of Grains and Seeds

perforated metal projects

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Mesh size varies from 1/4-1/64, Gauge 16-28 thickness.

Sapphire Engineers has been at the forefront of perforating technology in India. The company is one of the leading manufacturers in perforation sheets. As new markets emerged, the requirements for perforated products changed. New applications of Perforated materials have been developed for use in filtration, sorting, grading, laundry equipment, Sound absorption, flow diffusion, food processing and in architectural application. Today Sapphire Engineers (India) is known and respected for its metal perforation and fabrication. It produces perforated blanks, sheets, coils and fabricated components, as for the need of Customer. Because the need of our customers varies greatly, we are equipped with facilities with versatile, dependable equipment capable of the most precise and unusual perforation


Wonderful Things That Holes Can Do

Beside Filtration & Separation of liquids, solids & gases, perforated sheets can provide the Perfect Solution to Multi-faceted design problems of Product Designers or Architects.


Industrial Applications Decorative& Architectural Applications

Filter Liquids, Separate & Size Solids
Agricultural Equipments
Acoustical Insulations - to absorb sound
Food Industry - Flour Mills, Sugar Mills, Bakery, Malt Mills, Rice Milling
Filters - Industrial, Automobiles
Laundry Equipments - Washing Machines, Tumblers, Steam Iron Tables, Dryers
Mines, Engineering Applications Pollution Controls, Material Handling

Speaker Grills
Ceiling Tiles, Stairways, Grills
Furniture - Chairs, Table tops
Display Surfaces or Shelves
Sound Proofing
Lighting Fixtures
Creating Light Effects
Water Drainage In Kitchens Building Exteriors


Robust construction of our products ensures long lasting performance with no maintenance. Precisely designed, our products are in huge demand in the global market for excellent performance. We offer products at very affordable prices, suiting the budget of all. As, we know the value of time, we deliver products within the specified period.
Sizes available : 3.0-3.5, 4.0- 4.5, 5.0-5.5, 6.0-6.5, 7.0-7.5, 8.0 (mm)
Cylinder Size : 17 diameter x 90 length/ 24 diameter x 94 length
Capacity : 0.6 - 1.0 TPH / 1.2 1.75 TPH
Screens also available

Our products are manufactured from the superior quality raw materials to add durability. Adhering to strict quality norms, our products are designed as per the national and international quality standards.

We are the manufacturers of grain indented separation screens for Millers and machine fabricators who manufacture own cylinder segments. This makes us independent of suppliers and enables us to fulfill special customer requirements.

We have minimized the distance between the individual pockets in order to achieve the highest possible number of grading pockets per cm2. We can therefore provide a higher sorting output and better separation quality than our competitors. The staggered arrangement of our pockets increases the service life of the segments.

The indent cylinder is used for grading by length all granular materials such as wheat, oats, fine seeds, lentils, for separating stalks from sunflower and beet seeds and for separating unwanted long or short product impurities.

The size of grains can vary between 2.0 mm and 8.0 mm. The product passes from the inlet housing into the interior of the rotating cylinder, the cover of which is provided with impressed pockets or so-called indents.

Function and Exterior

Indented cylinder separators are cleaning equipment for separating the longer and shorter impurities from granular material. It has been used in
1. Flour mills to separate impurities such as buck wheat seed, grass seed, carpolite and oat from wheat.
2. Breweries and oat plants separate broken tablets and small particle impurities from Barley.
3. Seed corporations separate big and small material from seed.
4. Rice Mills to separate broken and head rice and precise grading of the same. 
5. Separate impurities from all kind of minor cereals (such as lentils, peas, sunflower, plastic granules).

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